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Everyone struggles from time to time to give their dogs the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. As dog owners ourselves, we appreciate that jobs and commitments can make it hard to devote the time you want to the most energetic family member. 
Or it may be of course that you are not as mobile as you used to be and you could do with the help to keep your dog alert and well exercised.
Well Bow Wows of Stroud are happy to offer you the assistance you may need.
Regardless of the breed of dog, we will collect them from your home, take them to some lovely wide open spaces, let them run around to their hearts content and do all the things dogs love to do in the open air, then safely deliver them back home.  
A reliable service you can trust:

You can be assured that this service is dedicated to providing your dog the exercise its needs. Your dog is our focus. We will collect when we say we will in a clean and hygienic vehicle, take them to some of the lovely countryside that Stroud has to offer and deliver them back to you safe and sound.

All dog walkers are dog owners:

We believe nothing beats experience with dogs.We don't use walkers who just want to earn a bit of money.  All our dog walkers are dog owners so you can be sure that we know how dogs need to be cared for. We are also mindful that dogs don't always get on with each other. We can adapt our walking service to avoid dogs becoming stressed or upset as a result of being in the company of other dogs.

We are fully insured:

For added peace of mind, we are fully insured. Naturally our aim is always to protect your dog, but should anything unfortunate happen you can be assured that they will be suitably cared for.

Our Charges
We believe in keeping things simple:
- We charge a flat rate fee of £12 per hour for a   single dog
- For each additional dog walked at the same time we charge £5 per hour
References available on request:

Reputation is everything, and we believe the best way to build a good reputation is to provide great service and care. We are more than happy to provide you with written references from other satisfied customers who use our services. We also welcome your own comments and feedback so that we can improve and develop our services further.

Why not make life a little easier? You can download and print off a handy fridge front or noticeboard reminder so your whole family can arrange a walk for your dog. Simply click the picture below and save the document to your hard drive:

The simplest, kindest and easiest method of identifying your pet!

What is the microchip?

A tiny glass insert capsule which is the size of a grain of rice. It holds an ID number linking you to your pet. The microchip is harmlessly inserted under the skin in the neck area of your pet. 

How Does It Work?
If the unthinkable should happen and your pet goes missing a vet, rescue service or dog warden will use a small hand held scanner to detect the microchip number. This number is registered with PetLog who will confirm your contact details allowing you to be re-united with your pet.

Does it take long to implant the chip?

Just a few moments! In fact by the time you complete the PetLog registration form your pet will be protected by the latest ID technology.

How long does registration last?

Your pet is registered for life!

How much does it cost?

£17.50 for the first pet

£15.00 for each additional pet from the same household when microchipped during the same visit.

Convenience for you

No need to go to a Vet or Pet Centre. We will happily come to your home and microchip your pets in the comfort of recognised surroundings.
Qualified implanters

We are fully trained and qualified by Pet Detect to carry out microchipping implants and to register your pets. No need to book time with your vet or transport your pets.

Arranging an appointment

Simply CALL or EMAIL us stating that you are looking to have your pets microchipped and we will arrange a suitable time to visit you!