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Your days of having to use the local boarding kennels could be over!

Do your dogs get stressed in a kennel environment?

Do you feel guilty packing them off 
before you go away?

Do you worry about their welfare whilst 
you are away? 

Never feel that way again!
As dog owners we know just how difficult a decision it can be to book your dog into the local kennels when you are planning for a trip away or a family break.

Sensitive dogs can get stressed, pine for their family to return and exhibit odd behaviour when separated from you and kennels are not usually set up to accommodate for special requirements.  

Bow Wow's Of Stroud are here to help
We can offer your dog a little holiday of their own, with a bed and board service for the four legged member of your family.

Whilst you are sunning yourself or traveling abroad, your dog gets to stay in a home environment that will appear familiar to them, so although they might miss you, they will still feel well looked after and part of a family group.    

Feel part of the family
Not only does your dog get to stay in a home environment they get to stay with our 3 rescue dogs - Tilly, Faith & Sparkle so they can freely interact with other dogs as little or as much as they want to.
An all inclusive package holiday
We can look after your dog, the way you would like us to. We will feed them at a time they are used to with the food of your choice, they can bring along any favourite toys they enjoy and we encourage you to provide their own sleeping or bedding materials to make sure they a fully rested for when you return. 

Activities and entertainment

Exercise and physical activity are very important to us and for the wellbeing of your dog. Our four legged guests get free reign of the house so they can find their own favourite little spot and when they want they can explore our large dog friendly garden.
Almost all dogs love a good walk in the open air and we have a number of exciting and stimulating walks we use as part of our dog walking service. Whether its a slow meander through the woods or an energetic run up in the hills chasing a ball, we will make sure your dog gets all the exercise they need.

Booking & prices

Our bed and board service is extremely popular so we advise that you try and book as far in advance as possible.

As all our guests have their own specific requirements we like to deal with each booking on a one to one basis. Please contact us for a specific price for your dog. CALL or EMAIL us with your requirements. 

Fully licensed for your peace of mind

We want you to be assured that your dog is in the best possible hands whilst you are away. We are registered and licensed with Stroud District Council, we have access to top quality vet services should the need ever arise and we are fully insured. 

Planning a trip to the groomers? Does your pet need to visit the Vet?

We all know how difficult it can be juggling the demands of every day life and it is all too easy to put off journeys that benefit your pets even if it is necessary.

Its even more difficult if you don't have access to a car and you have to attempt to use public transport to get your pets around. All pet owners know what a nightmare that can be!

A taxi service for your pets

Bow Wow's of Stroud can take the stress out of having to transport your beloved pets around with our fully equipped vehicle.

Simply prepare your pet ready for the journey, we will collect at a time to suit you or meet an appointment and then we will drop them back to you when your pet is ready.

How much does it cost?
You will appreciate that every journey will be different depending on your location and where you want your beloved pet to get to.

Simply give us a CALL or EMAIL us with your details and we can provide you with our latest prices.

Fully insured for peace of mind
Naturally our vehicle is insured, taxed and MOT'd. But we are also fully insured to carry your pets. You can be satisfied that you pet will get to and from their destination safely and securely.